Tracing Health
SOURCE: Johns Hopkins, March 19 2020

Tracing Health launched in spring of 2020 as a COVID-19 response initiative and strategic partnership program of the Public Health Institute and the Oregon Public Health Institute.



Tracing Health is committed to advancing health equity and COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. Our diverse team reflects the communities we serve. Our culturally and linguistically responsive services build trust and deepen our impact. We hire and train individuals who, together, reflect the ideal of a future public health workforce.

Tracing Health


of the Tracing Health contact tracing
team identify as women.

By supporting remote work opportunities with training and equipment we provided support that allowed many working parents to remain or reenter in the workforce.

Tracing Health


of the Tracing Health team are Black,
Indigenous, or People of Color.

The diversity of our workforce allows us to offer culturally-centered services to the communities where we work.

Tracing Health


of the Tracing Health team are
bilingual or multilingual.

With 52 languages spoken we are able to build trust with and communicate important health information to a wide-range of communities.

Our Team, 650+ Strong

 The Tracing Health workforce is an extraordinary collection of kind, highly trained and deeply committed humans who represent the communities they serve.  

Jennifer Franklin, Contact Tracer

John Franco, Bilingual Resource Coordinator

Hameda Dil Mohamed, Multilingual Contact Tracer

Jae Williams, Bilingual Contact Tracer

Paulina Jafarzadeh, Bilingual Contact Tracer

Maria Contreras, Bilingual Recruiter

Eva Ruiz, Teams Manager

Gladys Jimenez, Bilingual Contact Tracer

Arnold Dimas, Resource Coordinator

Public Health Institute (PHI)

Founded in 1964, PHI is a nonprofit with employees and programs based in 19 states and 27 countries. PHI’s core capabilities include data management, research and surveillance, operational and administrative support, public health staffing services, and a deep understanding of complex public health issues. PHI serves as an administrative and implementing partner with multiple government agencies.

Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI)

Oregon Public Health Institute is a nonprofit that has worked for the good of Oregonians for the last 20 years. We envision an Oregon where the places people live, learn, work, play, and practice spirituality support optimal health, productivity, and fulfilling lives for all people and communities. Today, OPHI is working to improve health, advance equity, and respond to public health needs.

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