Tracing Health

Our COVID-19 Response Services Include

COVID-19 Case Investigation & Contact Tracing

Case Investigation and Contact Tracing are public health strategies used to contain the spread of an infectious disease within a community. For over a century, public health professionals have used these strategies to fight infectious diseases like smallpox, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, and Ebola.  


COVID-19 Resource Coordination

Resource coordinators help ensure community members can observe COVID-19 isolation and quarantine by connecting them with emergency food supplies, official work and school release letters, income supplements for rent and utilities, and other essential resources.


COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach & Coordination

When COVID-19 vaccines became available, our contact tracing teams added vaccine outreach and coordination support to their list of services. In this effort, we have prioritized supporting communities of color, the elderly, people living with disabilities, and other groups who experience barriers to accessing these lifesaving immunizations.


Data Technologies & Epidemiology

Tracing Health can provide our partners with an impressive range of data-based support from customized technology and data collection systems to epidemiology and in-depth data analysis of the disease spread and speed of diffusion. The data helps both our teams and our partners to develop strategies for containment and to implement these strategies more quickly.   


Customized COVID-19 Response Services for Schools

School administrators and teachers are on the frontline of COVID-19 and are being forced to spend time on pandemic response instead of education. Tracing Health eases this burden by working closely with schools districts to design and implement case investigation and contact tracing services tailored to their unique needs


A Modular Approach
Based on Your Needs

Partners have utilized our multilingual teams to staff large and small contact tracing initiatives, improve vaccine access, build custom software solutions, provide social support to community members, and design systems-change approaches to pandemic response. Our teams are cross-trained and can simultaneously support various COVID-19 response areas.

This flexibility allows our services to evolve with the pandemic so that we can staff vaccine call centers and continue contact tracing at the same time. We are currently supporting COVID-19 response and recovery in Washington, Oregon, and California, and are available to assist efforts anywhere in the United States.


60% of Tracing Health Case Investigators & Contact Tracers come from the communities they serve.


40,000+ positive COVID-19 cases were assigned by counties to Tracing Health in California.


46,700+ Household contacts were generated from completed case investigations.

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