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Stephanie Rivera – California Contact Tracing Support Initiative (CCTSI)

July 22, 2021 | Thought Leadership

Stephanie Rivera – California Contact Tracing Support Initiative (CCTSI),

My name is Stephanie Rivera. I am the executive director for the California Contact Tracing Support Initiative for Tracing Health.

What is CCTSI (California Contact Tracing Support Initiative)?

The CCTSI is the California Contact Tracing Support Initiative, and it plays a very special role and important role in contact tracing. Part of it is that we hire contact tracers that are from the community. So there are linguistic and cultural advantages to being able to talk to someone who understands you both from a linguistic standpoint as well as a cultural standpoint. There are also benefits of someone from their community understanding the difficulties they may have.

The California Contact Tracing Support Initiative was also very inspirational and very innovative by pivoting and trying the clinically integrated model. Even though it was a heavy lift, it was important to see what the timeliness of us receiving lab results, how that would positively affect the just the ability to reach out to people.

Built for Speed – Clinically Embedded Model

The benefit of us really working closely with these community health centers would be that we would be part of a trusted entity where and we’re able to help with as much as we can without having to earn extra trust.

So they do if we’re linked with this or these organizations were able to be part of that, be clinically embedded model and contact tracing is an interesting one. So the reason that it’s interesting is it’s a little bit unique in terms of us receiving the lab results as soon as the positive results are provided. And that enables us as contact tracers to contact those cases, those people right away.

So the theory behind it is that it’s less there’ll be less contacts. They’ll be notified earlier and they’ll be able to decrease the number of places that they go or people that they have contact with. It also enables us to have a linkage with their clinical care provider so that we can help coordinate whether they need more services, wraparound services or clinical services and direct them to their primary care.

Win-Win for California

So it’s really important because it’s innovative, it’s creative, there’s an ability to, on a long-standing level, be able to provide workforce development for those who may not have otherwise had that opportunity. And so I think it’s a win-win for all of California.

My one wish is that my work positively affects the most vulnerable during a very difficult time in the pandemic.

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