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COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach & Coordination

When COVID-19 vaccines became available, our contact tracing teams added vaccine outreach and coordination support to their list of services. In this effort, we have prioritized supporting communities of color, the elderly, people living with disabilities, and other groups who experience barriers to accessing these lifesaving immunizations.

As COVID-19 vaccines have become more widely available, Tracing Health has been able to support the vaccination rollout efforts and quickly added vaccine outreach and coordination to our list of support services. 

By providing multilingual outreach and education, we connected vulnerable communities such as migrant farmworkers, individuals experiencing homelessness, and homebound seniors with vaccine opportunities. 

Remote Vaccine Outreach & Support 

Our remote Contact Tracing workforce has been able to stand up vaccine call centers in the communities where we work using our specialized integrated data platforms. Our Vaccine Teams are able to use databases to call prior COVID-19 cases and contacts to help schedule vaccine appointments and answer questions or concerns they might have. We also take the critical step of making follow-up calls to ensure clients kept appointments and that they scheduled their second vaccine doses. 

Remote Vaccination Support Services:

  • Assist with scheduling appointments through the state systems
  • Outreach to vulnerable communities and communities experiencing barriers to vaccine access
  • Calling back prior COVID + cases to help schedule a vaccine appointment. 
  • Supporting specific mass-vaccination sites with scheduling and outreach
  • Supporting Community Health Clinics with direct outreach to patients


Vaccine Ambassador On-Site Support and On-Site Outreach

Tracing Health has also offered in-person vaccine support services in many of the communities where we work. These ‘Vaccine Ambassadors’ provide both direct support at vaccination locations as well as community outreach to provide information about the vaccine. 

On-Site Support

Tracing Health Vaccine Ambassadors have worked on-location at vaccination sites ranging from suburban Community Health Clinics (CHC) to rural fairgrounds, public libraries, and even remote ranches and farms. They support healthcare professionals and community-based organizations by assisting with all non-clinical aspects of vaccine delivery. 

On-Site Support Services Include:

  • Greeting patients and directing them to the appropriate stations
  • Taking temperature
  • Helping patients fill out consent forms and interpreting when needed 
  • Answering any questions or concerns in patients primary language 

On-Site Outreach
In addition to working directly at vaccination sites, our Vaccine Ambassadors engage in community-focused Vaccine Outreach activities. This includes team members going to various public locations (grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, etc.) and talking to people in their primary language about the importance of getting vaccinated, addressing any concerns they have while also providing resources/location of where they can get the vaccine.

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…Outbound calls to schedule vaccine appointments.


…California counties have partnered with Tracing Health to implement vaccine call centers.


…vaccination appointments have been scheduled in California alone.

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