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Resource coordinators help ensure community members can observe COVID-19 isolation and quarantine by connecting them with emergency food supplies, official work and school release letters, income supplements for rent and utilities, and other essential resources.

Tracing Health resource coordinators are bilingual and trained to find and provide social and economic support to community members impacted by COVID-19. Our resource coordinators have arranged food deliveries for individuals in COVID-19 isolation or quarantine; helped people access vaccines by arranging transportation; connected people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic with income recovery resources; and much more. 

The isolation and quarantine of people infected with or exposed to COVID-19 are effective strategies for preventing the spread of the virus. However, observing isolation or quarantine is not feasible, economically or logistically, for many people. Missing work could mean missing a paycheck, which might mean missing a rent payment or running out of food.

Tracing Health believes community members should not have to choose between meeting their basic needs and keeping their communities safe. Our resource coordinators offer social and economic support that helps individuals successfully comply with isolation and quarantine, safeguarding the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities. 

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Resource Coordination In Action

Click a video for firsthand experiences from our frontline resource coordinators.

“I have one goal in life, and that is to continue to serve the public. My purpose here on this planet is to provide the best possible service to those who I encounter on the street, to those who might be struggling with income disparities or from those who might not have what I have, I want to continue to be a public servant and serve the public in my best capacity.”

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John Franco, Bilingual Resource Coordinator

“In my country, Colombia, I am a physician. When the pandemic started, I looked for work in public health because I want to make a difference in this pandemic because I have the knowledge and I have the background. This is what I try to apply to Tracing Heath, and Tracing Health has opened the doors for me to help the people at this moment.”

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Linda Diaz, Bilingual Resource Coordinator

“We actually have a program that could help support you. Would you want me to put in a referral for you?’ And I remember the phone call going silent for a second and I thought ‘I might have lost her.’ And she said, ‘you’re going to make me cry. I’m going to try not to. But I didn’t realize that you were going to offer that.’ And I sat there with her and said, ‘that’s OK. If you need to cry, this is a lot and you’re handling a lot.”

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Ariel Ransom, Community Care Supervisor

Tracing Health


12% of all cases and contacts were referred to Tracing Health specialists for resource coordination support. While not all cases require the wraparound services we offer, our culturally-centered approach created a trusted environment to for clients to ask for information and support. 

Tracing Health


97% of contacts were notified within 48 hours of receiving the original case data. Once a contact is informed of potential exposure our resource resource coordinators help ensure they are able to successfully quarantine preventing further spread in their communities. 

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