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Tracing Health can provide our partners with an impressive range of data-based support from customized technology and data collection systems to epidemiology and in-depth data analysis of the disease spread and speed of diffusion. The data helps both our teams and our partners to develop strategies for containment and to implement these strategies more quickly.   

The technology tools that Tracing Health has built throughout the pandemic have become core components of Tracing Health’s COVID-19 response and vaccine support efforts. These practical and intuitive tools are relied on daily by our teams and our clinical and public health partners. These tools were developed with extraordinary speed and created significant efficiencies.

MARI – Microbe Awareness and Risk Intervention
The interval between a positive COVID-19 test result and notification by a contact tracer can be the difference between life or death. In December 2020, Tracing Health launched the Microbe Awareness and Risk Intervention (MARI) internal data exchange and management system in California. MARI receives test data directly from testing laboratories, allowing Tracing Health contact tracers to reach out to cases and notify their contacts quickly. MARI has proven highly effective in closing the time gap between a positive test and first contact from days to hours.

VIP – Vaccine Information Platform
Tracing Health and PHI developed the prototype VIP Platform to streamline and automate data coming into our Vaccine Call Centers. The VIP system automatically transcribes voicemails left in the general inbox and relevant data points auto-populate in the database. This efficiency helps our team quickly gather essential data and allows them to get back to the callers promptly and with the most relevant information.

VIP Platform Features:

  • Automated transcription of voicemails into text data
  • Automated data transfer from voicemail to database
  • Built-in call system within the platform
  • Interactive web pages for data entry and business rules for data validation
  • Interactive dashboard for metrics and reporting
  • Custom filtering of records by variables like status and language


VAST – Vaccine Administration Scheduling Tracker
The Vaccine support teams needed to have the most updated information regarding vaccine locations, scheduling availability, and patient tracking. To assist in these efforts, we developed the prototype VAST platform. With VAST, vaccine providers can upload their information directly to the program giving the Tracing Health teams immediate access to details such as current vaccination site locations and appointment availability.

VAST Platform Features:

  • Interactive platform for data entry and vaccine data storage
  • Built-in call system within the platform
  • Custom filtering of records by status

Read the Whitepaper: “The Importance of Technology Tools in Pandemic Response and the Impetus for the MARI (Microbe Awareness and Risk Intervention) Platform”

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10 hours average time it takes from receiving a positive test result in the MARI system to the first contact from a Tracing Health contact tracer.  


10,239 cases have been received through the MARI system since it was launched in December 2020.  



66.8% of case investigations were completed within 24 hours of the Tracing Health team receiving the data.


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