Tracing Health

Customized COVID-19 Response Services for Schools

School administrators and teachers are on the frontline of COVID-19 and are being forced to spend time on pandemic response instead of education. Tracing Health eases this burden by working closely with schools districts to design and implement case investigation and contact tracing services tailored to their unique needs

Contact Tracing & Case Investigation
Tracing Health is an experienced provider of Contact Tracing & Case Investigation services. Our staff receives extensive training and each has earned the industry-standard Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing Certificate.

Customized & Flexible Approach
Tracing Health works closely with schools to design and implement services tailored to their unique needs. We can integrate into an existing structure, function independently or develop a custom approach that accommodates the needs of multiple partners.

School Services:

  1. Equity-driven COVID recovery consulting
  2. FERPA Compliance
  3. Integration with Existing SIS
  4. Experienced Multilingual Teams
  5. Culturally Competent Workforce
  6. Trained in Technical & Interpersonal Skills
  7. Mandated Reporting Compliant


Customizable Workflows:

Customizable Sample School Workflow

“It has been very gratifying to be able to help school districts keep their students safe with our Case Investigation and Contact Tracing services. It is so important that teachers and administrators are free to focus on the education of our children instead of pandemic response. We’re are pleased to be able to lift that burden.” – Erin Yee, CA Director

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