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My name is Paulina Jafarzadeh and I’m a Bilingual Contact Tracer for the Tracing Health Program in Spokane, Washington. The Public Health Institute is actually doing a lot to help us develop professionally all their workforce development efforts. I can see really enriching my resume and helping me keep a job in public health in the future.

My personal favorite right now is the class I’m taking. It’s the diplomas de salud migrantes and that’s in English, the Diploma for Migrant Health and Nutrition. And that program is really awesome because it’s a certification that I’m going to get and it’s entirely in Spanish as well. So that’s going to just propel me with achieving my ultimate goal of helping the Latino population in terms of mental health and general health. So that’s really awesome that I get to take that course for free with PHI in Tracing Health. Another workforce development effort that they’re doing is we’re all trained mental health first-aiders. And so that’s been really awesome because it trains us with being trauma informed, with de-escalation approaches and stuff like that. And that helps me in the future. If I do want to be counseling psychologist, I already have experience with people going through mental health crisis, people in trauma, people in distress.

So that’s awesome for my my professional development and all of these efforts, they’re still pumping out new like programs and opportunities and trainings and stuff like that day by day. So it gives me that sense of like security, job security that I might not have right now as a Contact Tracer. I want to work in public health because I want to make a difference with my community. Specifically, I went through, I seen my family members go through, you know, when you immigrate to a new country and, you know, health can sometimes be the last specifically mental health can sometimes be the last of your concern if you’re just trying to survive and establish roots in a new place.

I want to be able to make a difference specifically for migrant and specifically for Latino migrant communities in the future. Just being in this role kind of helps me feel like I’m making a difference. I’m actually doing something because I know this is going to go down in history books, so. It’s just going to be a part of history right now. My one wish is that my work doesn’t exist anymore.

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