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Dr. Marta Induni, PHD, MA

Program Director

Dr. Marta Induni, PHD, MA, Program Director

Born in Argentina and a native Spanish speaker, Marta Induni, PhD, has been a Principal Investigator (PI) at the Public Health Institute (PHI) for more than 25 years also serving as Senior Research Director. Prior to launching Tracing Health, Dr. Induni served within other PHI programs as Senior Director of Operations for the Cancer Registry of Greater California (CRGC) and Program Director for the Survey Research Group (SRG) where she got her start in 1993 as a call center supervisor, and later as a research scientist. 

Having conducted survey research for more than two decades, Dr. Induni has experience working as the state coordinator of surveys including the California Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, the California Women’s Health Survey, and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. She is particularly interested in survey research methods, issues in questionnaire development, and translation.

Dr. Induni received her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Davis, where she studied health behavior change theory, prevention and intervention programs for adolescents. 

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