Tracing Health

Diane Royal, MS

Senior Program Manager

Diane Royal, MS, Senior Program Manager

Diane Royal is a public health professional and trained anthropologist serving as a Senior Program Manager for Tracing Health, a partnership program of the Public Health Institute (PHI) and Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI). Long interested in impactful and innovative work, Diane started out as the Community Organizer for AIDS Walk San Francisco before receiving an MS in Global Health Sciences from University of California, San Francisco. Since 2012, she has held progressive positions with PHI. 

In tandem with Diane’s programmatic experience in public health, she has remained dedicated to academic research—most recently within a large-scale Canadian research initiative under which she is completing an MA in Anthropology. Her research has been featured in scholarly journals, several digital stories, and other media including a TV-series and documentary radio program. Her research experience serves as a broader foundation that fuels her commitment to building professional capacities within public health.

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