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Culturally Centered & Primary Language Contact Tracing Services

By providing culturally centered services delivered in clients’ primary languages our team excels at building trust with the people we serve.

This includes communities who have had limited or no engagement with the public health system due to systemic barriers and historical and contemporary trauma. 

Looking forward, we also know that building trust by providing culturally and linguistically responsive services now positions our public health and healthcare partners for better relationships with communities after the pandemic has resolved.

Primary Language Services In Action

Click a video to learn more about how our approach builds trust in the communities we serve. 

“Lots of times these languages and dialects aren’t represented in interpreter services so it’s communicating to people directly about their health, gives them a bigger sense of privacy and they feel like they’re more understood if you’re speaking their language.”

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Vadim Gaynaliy, Bilingual Contact Tracer

“What’s really cool about the Tracing Health teams is that they are extremely diverse, people come from all over. They speak all different types of languages, were able to connect, learn from each other in different cultures, different backgrounds. It’s kind of like a melting pot. So it’s really nice to learn from everyone and see different faces.”

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Melika Mobini, Bilingual Contact Tracer

“This job is special to me because I’m not only working for the community, but for my family members and for my neighbors as well.”

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Hameda Dil Mohamed, Multilingual Contact Tracer

“I believe building up this robust team of contact tracers is important because we must do as much as we can to break that chain of infectious people which builds exponentially.”

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Francisco Gomez, Bilingual Senior Program Manager

Tracing Health


93% of Tracing Health contact tracers and resource coordinators are bilingual or multilingual.

Tracing Health


52 Languages are spoken by the Tracing Health team. Offering primary language services enables us to more easily gain trust and increase our impact in the communities where we work.

Tracing Health


60 % of Tracing Health Case Investigators & Contact Tracers come from the communities they serve.

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