Tracing Health

All Tracing Health team members have full PHI benefits, receive extensive and ongoing job training and the tools to work remotely. 

When COVID-19 arrived, it brought with it a wave of unemployment and economic instability. Due to longstanding inequities rooted in systemic racism, communities of color – who were at greater risk of serious symptoms and death from COVID-19 – were also more likely to lose their jobs, causing housing and food insecurity.  

In a matter of months Tracing Health recruited over 600 qualified team members, primarily from communities of color. Tracing Health worked through community partners, health systems, public health departments, and word of mouth to reach the candidates we needed. 

Community Focused Recruiting In Action

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“I’m proud of the work that I’m doing because not only are the people that I’m hiring saving lives, but also we are creating a pipeline of public health workers that can carry on this work way beyond Tracing Health.”

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Javier Mendez, Bilingual Recruiter

“Some of the things that I look for in a candidate is that they have a customer service oriented mindset, that they’re flexible, that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

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Maria Contreras, Bilingual Recruiter

Tracing Health


72% of Tracing Health team members identify as Black, Indigenous, or other people of color. The diversity of our workforce reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Tracing Health


63% of the Tracing Health front line workers are – Contact Tracers & Resource Coordinators – are women. 

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