Tracing Health

An Equity-Focused Approach

Due to longstanding systemic inequities, communities of color are at greater risk of infection and death from COVID-19. These communities also have less access to COVID-19 vaccines and have been more negatively impacted by the economic fallout of the pandemic than white Americans. 

Tracing Health is able to provide trusted COVID-19 response service while mitigating the inequitable impact of the pandemic in three important ways:

  1. Community Focused Recruitment
  2. Culturally Centered & Primary Language Services
  3. Comprehensive Training & Workforce Development

This three-pronged approach acts as a continuum that serves our team members and their communities through the current pandemic emergency and into the future. 

Community Focused Recruitment

Tracing Health helps advance health equity by creating good jobs with benefits in communities most affected by the pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. In hiring, we prioritize language and communication skills and lived experience over formal education, acknowledging that the most important qualifications in this work are the ability to engender trust and communicate in a way that works for the people we serve.


Culturally Centered & Primary Language Contact Tracing Services

Language access and cultural responsiveness is a key element of Tracing Health’s services. By prioritizing hiring from communities most impacted by COVID-19, Tracing Health has built a team of public health professionals who are majority bilingual, racially and ethnically diverse, and/or have lived experience as a member of a community that experiences health inequity. 


Comprehensive Training & Workforce Development

We want to see the public health system expanded and diversified and our staff are committed to being a part of that change. Our workforce development approach is designed to launch Tracing Health staff into permanent public health careers.  While responding to COVID-19, we are also building the diverse, qualified public health workforce America needs.


Our Team In Action

Click a video for firsthand experiences from our Tracing Health heroes.

“I’m proud of the work that I’m doing because not only are the people that I’m hiring saving lives, but also we are creating a pipeline of public health workers that can carry on this work way beyond Tracing Health.”

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Javier Mendez, Bilingual Recruiter

“What’s really cool about the Tracing Health teams is that they are extremely diverse, people come from all over. They speak all different types of languages, were able to connect, learn from each other in different cultures, different backgrounds. It’s kind of like a melting pot. So it’s really nice to learn from everyone and see different faces.”

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Melika Mobini, Bilingual Contact Tracer

“This job is special to me because I’m not only working for the community, but for my family members and for my neighbors as well.”

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Hameda Dil Mohamed, Multilingual Contact Tracer

“I believe building up this robust team of contact tracers is important because we must do as much as we can to break that chain of infectious people which builds exponentially.”

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Francisco Gomez, Bilingual Senior Program Manager

“Cypress Resilience Project’s mission is to make sure that everyone in our communities knows what to say, what to do, and can really help support a person in a compassionate and trauma informed way who may be in a really escalated situation.”

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S. Brooke Briggance, MHFA, Program Director Cypress Resilience Project

Josefa Ehnes, Bilingual COntact Tracer

Omar Vargas, Bilingual Contact Tracer Supervisor

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