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My name is Omar Vargas and I am a Contact Tracer Supervisor for Tracing Health program in Washington County, Oregon.

It has been really great to work with the Washington County. I think the relationship has been very clear. There is a really great connection with being able to to do everything they ask and they help us in the whole process. I think it has been for me personally, I never believed that the county would have done much to the community. And now I know today they’ve been helping around.

One of the biggest experience I have first my mother passed away from covid in June last year. I was working probably three, three weeks in the program. And I hear the news from Eduardo. It was really, really hard and was hard for many reasons because I couldn’t go. I saw the the funeral through a video, so it was really, really hard and it was covid. And then when I came back to work after a few days, I was doing a phone call and I talked with the family, with a with a with a woman, the head of the family. And she told me that her husband is in the hospital with covid. She has covid. One of the grandmothers was with covid with her in the house. And she had two children at home that didn’t have covid yet. During that process, it was 14 days of talking, and the next day she said, well, my children has covid and send in the other one to my to the other room.

And the first day I cried with her, I really cried very, very much. But then I decided, OK, this is not good. I’m not going to cry. I get over it. I talk to her, said, you don’t have to worry. I’m going to be with you. I’m going to help you these 14 days. I’m going to call you every day to know how you’re doing and how your husband is doing while your children are doing. And I going to give you anything that the county can all the help. I will help you with the whole process. And I call her every day and never give that contact to another person. I keep that contact for me.

And the 14 day I called her and said, this is it, I’m not going to call you anymore. And she said, my husband went back to the hospital. We are OK. Thank you very much. And I think that was one of the best experience I had working and is really kill me with the whole process that I was living with my mother because I think it helps me to close a little. So that was one of the best experiences I have. The most important part of my job is today work with my own community.

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