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My name is Melika Mobini and I’m a Contact Tracer working for the Tracing Health team in Spokane, Washington. I am a Bilingual Contact Tracer and I got laid off from my previous job, but I wanted to find a job that I’m able to do my part during the pandemic and bring my communication skills to the table.

So one of the challenges that we had was a surge in cases. We have a pretty small team, so we had to reach out to Oregon to come help us take care of all the cases and make calls because it was so large we couldn’t handle it on our own. So that’s how we combated that problem. We all came together, made phone calls, reached out to people, and that’s how we overcame that challenge. So it’s really cool about the Tracing Health teams that are extremely diverse people come from all over. They speak all different types of languages, were able to connect, learn from each other, different cultures, different backgrounds. It’s kind of like a melting pot. So it’s really nice to learn from everyone and see different faces. I love being a part of this kind of team. They always put you first. They really care about your well-being, how you feel. They’re just so different than any other company I work for. They really want to know that you enjoy the job. You are really comfortable working with your supervisors or team members. They make sure that it’s just a really great space to work and it’s a positive environment and it’s really healthy.

Next for me, I still want to continue to work in public health, perhaps some outreach so I can continue my communication skills. At the end of the day, I want to know that my work is positively impacting the public.

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