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My name is Maria Contreras. I am a Bilingual Recruiter working for the Tracing Health team, the Contact Tracer role is one of the most vital roles within the Tracing Health program because they are the ones in the front line reaching out to the families and individuals, letting them know that their test was positive or they were in contact and they need to stay home. One of the traits that I was looking for when selecting Contact Tracers was that they were passionate about helping people. I had to hire over 300 Contact Tracers in a time span of 60 days.

Some of the skills I had to develop was definitely the ability to fast review a resume and pick up on the key skills I needed so that I can reach out to individuals and schedule interviews. I was doing anywhere from 13 to 15 interviews a day and I had to be able to identify in those 15 to 30 minutes whether the individual would make a great Contact Tracer and had the skill sets required to be successful and make a difference and impact in our team. Some of the things that I look for in a candidate is that they have a customer service oriented mindset, that they’re flexible, that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

At the end of the day, I want to know that the people that I’ve hire made a great impact in saving lives in California.

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