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My name is Lorenzo Sotolongo. I am a Contact Tracer for Tracing Health, I am telecommuting from Glendale, California. Contact tracing is keeping track of the spread of covid in a particular area. It’s extremely important here in California because we have to be able to provide these individuals with resources and information once they have been affected by the virus.

The training that I received here at PHI has been phenomenal. It’s been by far the most in-depth and thorough training that I’ve ever been a part of during my professional career. Every single person on my team is bilingual when it comes to Spanish speaking primarily Spanish speaking cases. They are often faced with misinformation, so providing them credible information is invaluable.

One of the cases that affected me personally was a gentleman that I had called who had just tested positive and was socially isolated. His wife had just passed a couple of weeks ago and he didn’t have any medication or food. In order to get by the weekend, I was able to put him in contact with a nonprofit organization in his area that was able to provide him with his medication and his food in order to get him through the weekend. That success story was really what makes me want to continue contact tracing and really allows me to feel the impact that we’re making in our community.

My one wish is that my work can help minimize the impact of covid here in California.

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