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My name is Linda Diaz and I am a resource coordinator for the Tracing Health team. I work in before in my country. I am from Colombia. I am a physician in my country. When the pandemic starts, I look for the all all the time looking in CDC news. I want to make something in this pandemic because I have the knowledge, I have the background. I want to make something.

Tracing Health, open my eyes, open the doors for me and held the people in this moment. The resource coordinator is huge because you can try to find resource for the people in the middle of the pandemic. And you need try to find resources for food, financial, health care, anything the person needs in these moments is very important to talking with the people in the same language, because the people no speak English have very big role in the communication. When you speak the person in the same language, the people feel safe. The people say, thank you so much for help me, because now I understand what happened.

I know what is the next step. I think on every day when I help the people in in the language, when the people no understand something, I go to a Spanish and the people say, thank you for all your information. Thank you for your time and thank you for help me. I feel proud every day because I love my job. Yeah. This one is more than a job because you can help the people in many ways.

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