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Hello, my name is John Franco, and I am a Contact Tracer with Tracing Health and I live in Irvine, California.

I came to Tracy in Health as a COVID-19 survivor when a contact tracer contacted me and prevented me from going to visit my family. I knew how vital it was to save lives. As a Resource Coordinator, I am able to find what people need in order to stay safely at home. It can be from paying their electric bill to providing a voucher for groceries, things that we might not think will be important but are vital to helping people stay at home and quarantine. My main responsibility is to provide life supporting services to those in the community. This includes ensuring that they have adequate food supply, that they have a good place to stay, and that they have communication with those outside of their home.

As a Contact Tracer, I measure success as the tone of voice and an individual’s call changing. This includes, at the beginning, being a little scared or frustrated of what it means to have covid. But at the end of the call, they’re happy, they’re informed and they know they have support. With health tracing and the Tracing Health program, we are able to provide support, education and resources to those who may not know what to do in times of crisis.

The most important part of my job is providing support for those in need. My purpose here on this planet is to provide the best possible service to those who I encounter on the street. To those who might be struggling with income disparities or from those who might not have what I have. After Tracing Health, I have one goal in life, and that is to continue to serve the public.

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