Tracing Health

My name is Jennifer Franklin. I am a Contact Tracer working for the Tracing Health program out of Spokane, Washington. Contact tracing is is more than just tracing someone’s contacts. It’s being there for them is letting them know that I’m human as well. You don’t have to just give me your contacts or give me your information. You can talk to me. I’m a real person, so let them know that real recognize real is more than just collecting data. Tracing Health allows me to help people. And I want to continue that.

I want to continue to be that listening ear to be able to be a safe place for someone to come and talk to come in and vent, you know, with no judgment in the field that I want to go in next is being a counselor or therapist. So the training that I received from Tracing Health, it allows me to go to that next career.

Tracing Health is a community. It’s like a heart puzzle. And we all are pieces to it and we fit. We all fit. My one wish is that my work will go beyond Tracing Health because I love helping people is my passion, is one of my gifts, and to be able to help even more. I would love to be a contact tracing for the rest of my life. At the end of the day, I want people to know that we care and that they are loved.

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