Tracing Health

I’m Javier Mendez, I’m a Bilingual Recruiter working for the Tracing Health team. The most important part of my job is making sure that people have an easy hiring and onboarding process. I’ve worked with PHI since October of 2020. My specific role is hiring Resource Coordinators for the Tracing Health team.

Our Resource Coordinators connect people that are going to isolate or being quarantined to community resources. It’s really important that they be adaptable, they’ll be flexible, that they have good research skills and that they are familiar with the resources that are available at a local and federal level.

It’s important for resource coordinators to be more multiculturally conscious and also bilingual, because a lot of times when people come from Latin communities or any other community, they might not speak the language. They might be uncomfortable sharing information with someone that’s just calling them out of the blue on the phone. And then some of them have concerns, either asking for help or giving out information because of their immigration status.

So I think people that can call them speak to them in their language. It already ensures like a sense of trust when they get that call and they’re more willing to share information, they’re more willing to ask questions and open up and actually ask for the help that they need.

I’m proud of the work that I’m doing, because not only are the people that I’m hiring saving lives, but also we are creating a pipeline of public health workers that can carry on this work way beyond tracing health. My one wish is that my work affects people positively during the pandemic.

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