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Comprehensive Training & Workforce Development

July 14, 2021 |

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that an expanded, diversified public health workforce is critical to safeguarding the public’s health and building health equity. With hundreds of diverse staff who are mostly new to the field of public health, workforce development is a central tenet of the Tracing Health program. 

Our workforce development approach is designed to launch Tracing Health staff into permanent public health careers. We want to see the public health system expanded and diversified and our staff are committed to being a part of that change. 

When they join Tracing Health, new team members receive over 100 hours of training, from contact tracing and Mental Health First Aid certification, to customer service and HIPAA compliance, as well as training on multiple contact tracing data platforms. 

From this job-specific foundation team members go on to build and deepen their public health skillset. Tracing Health provides resources and time during the workday to learn about the public health field, allowing team members to enhance their knowledge, grow their networks, and plan the next steps in their public health careers. 

In addition to the essential onboarding trainings, Tracing Health team members can opt into: 

  1. Custom training on a wide range of public health and professional development topics, such as “Health Equity 101” and “Supervising Staff During a Pandemic.”
  2. Opportunities to learn about public health careers and health education pathways from national experts and local leaders through weekly presentations, panels, and job fairs.
  3. Dedicated 1:1 coaching on resume development, interview skills, and other essentials for career advancement.
  4. Attending national conferences on public health, health equity, and aligned fields.
  5. Membership in national, state, and/or local professional associations. 
  6. Scholarship opportunities for university-level programs in allied health and public health fields.
  7. As well as ongoing learning opportunities through robust subscriptions to Coursera and Percipio.
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Training & Workforce Development In Action

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“The most important part of my job is to train the front-line workers so that they have the skills that they need to help the most vulnerable communities.”

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Sarah Thorwirth, Senior Training Manager

“What we mean by workforce development is taking the time to really see and understand how we can build the capacity of all of our staff and then to match that with the needs that exist in the public health field, particularly in available jobs and career paths right now.”

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Carrie Rose, Workforce Development Advisor

“We work with the county health departments very closely. We have constant communication. We meet two to three times a week. We have constant contact through email, to phone, through Microsoft teams, you know, live chats soon. All that on a daily basis. The county provides us with scripts, with guidance, with updates on what’s going on in the community.”

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Eden Lopez, Bilingual Deputy Director

“My ultimate goal is to help the Latino population in terms of mental health and general health.”

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Paulina Jafarzadeh, Bilingual Contact Tracer

“Cypress Resilience Project’s mission is to make sure that everyone in our communities knows what to say, what to do, and can really help support a person in a compassionate and trauma informed way who may be in a really escalated situation.”

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S. Brooke Briggance, MHFA, Program Director Cypress Resilience Project


25,000 hours of training have been provided to our staff. We prioritize language skills and lived experience over earned degrees and provide the necessary training for new hires to be successful in the job and to start them on their paths as public health leaders.


90 Tracing Health employees have been rewarded with internal promotions to supervisor, manager or coordinator positions (as of June 1, 2021). With ongoing professional development trainings, team members are able to expand their roles within Tracing Health and better prepare themselves for their future in public health. 


Tracing Health team members have earned over 230 degrees and certifications through complimentary access to online educational platforms. These certificates build their skillsets and help build their qualifications for good employment opportunities post-pandemic. 

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