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My name is Hameda Di Mohammed, I’m a Bilingual Contact Tracer for Tracing Health in Clark County, Washington. I speak five languages. My first language is Rohingya, my second language is Malay, my third is Hindi. And I speak Burmese as well. And my fifth language is English. When my family and I arrived in the U.S. at the end of 2009, we faced so many obstacles. For instance, there were resources in the community, but we didn’t find the right person to help us access them. We came to the point where one of my family members had to leave us to work somewhere else. So when I was hired as a Contact Tracer, I told myself that I will never let my clients go through what my family has gone through. This job is special to me because not only I’m working for the community, but for my family members and for my neighbors as well.

A lot of my family members and the neighbors that I live with, they don’t have enough information about covid so I can use the information that I use at work. When I’m off the clock, I can share it with them. And, you know, really tell them, my neighbors, that you can really attend the wedding or, you know, make sure you wear face masks, watch your distance and washing your hands.

I would love to stay with PHI and continue to serve the community. I want to educate them about healthy lifestyles. I’m currently working on getting my Master’s in conflict resolutions, maybe become a mediator to help people spread love and peace more than it conflicts. The work is more than a job because you’re helping people to survive.

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