Tracing Health

My name is Eden Lopez. I’m the Deputy Director for the Tracing Health Program in Washington County, Oregon. My role at Tracing Health is to provide leadership and assist the staff in providing resources to the community. We work with the county health departments very closely. We have constant communication. We meet two to three times a week. We have constant contact email to phone through Microsoft teams, you know, live chats soon. All that on a daily basis.

The county provides us with scripts, with guidance, with updates on what’s going on in the community. They provide us the contacts on who we should call, when we should call them. I feel really proud of my staff. Throughout the year, there’s been surges and the staff have been there to meet all the challenges going from COVID tracing services to case investigation to changes constantly. It’s been the name of the game, if you will, is just being able to adapt, being able to meet the challenge. And the staff has been able to do that.

I hope that the staff that I work with are able to land jobs with local health departments, community CBOs, community based agencies, where they’re able to continue this type of work, where they’re able to continue to assist the community. I hope that the local public health departments, the CBOs, really anyone that can offer a job, have been paying attention to the staff that we brought on, that they’re able to provide them opportunities, that they’re able to value the work that our staff or diverse staff brings to the workforce, that insight the ability to build trust with communities of color.

I hope that they’ve been paying attention and that they give them the opportunity to be incorporated in the different jobs that they might be able to provide. My one wish is that my work makes a difference in the communities we serve.

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