Tracing Health

My name is Arnold Dimas and I’m a Resource Coordinator working with the Tracing Health Program in San Bernardino County. The most important part of my job is being able to make the resources and services that I’ve identified actually meaningful and accessible to the people that I’m connecting with. Resource coordination is the identifying of various different resources and services at the community, the county, state and even federal levels, and then relaying that information over to people who have been affected by COVID-19.

It’s really important because it addresses the social determinants of health, which play a huge role on health outcomes of, you know, individuals, families and communities. So when we talk about resource coordination, we talk about identifying different resources like food, mental health support, maybe employment or even just household cleaning supplies to stay safe. So working in the Tracing Health program has made me become much more aware of the different gaps that exist within our health care and public health system. So I’ve gotten to see how much need there is in our various different communities.

I think it has solidified for me that I definitely want to work and continue working in public health. I’m very excited to share that in the fall, I will be returning to UCLA to pursue my Master of Public Health with a concentration in community health sciences. My one wish is that the resources and services that I’ve identified actually help people’s lives.

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