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My name is Ariel Ransom, I’m a Contact Tracer Supervisor and I’m working on the Tracing Health team in Spokane County.

My role at Tracing Health is a Contact Tracer Supervisor. My previous work was in psychology and social work. My very first moving experience in this role was when I was actually still a Contact Tracer and it was the first person I spoke to that needed help staying home and staying safe. It was a mother.

She was recently divorced and the person in the household with covid was actually her teenage daughter and her mother was very distressed. But you could tell she was really trying to keep it together. She was worried about finances. She said, I don’t know if I’m going to have enough money to take care of the phone bill for our utilities, but I’ll make it work somehow. And then I got to the section of our work. We actually offer help.

So I offered her, you know, sounds like you have a lot going on. We actually have a program that could help support you. Would you want me to put in a referral for you? And I remember the phone call going silent for a second and I thought I might have lost her. And she said, you’re going to make me cry. I’m going to try not to. But I didn’t realize that you were going to offer that. And I sat there with her and said, that’s OK.

If you need to cry, this is a lot and you’re handling a lot. And ever since then, this is a story that I hear come up often with my team where people are surprised that we’re actually doing more than just data extraction and COVID case investigation. We’re not just dropping into their lives at a really inconvenient time when they’re not feeling well. And we’re not just asking to get information. We’re also offering direct help. And so the fact that we were there offering those resources when she and her family really needed it has stayed with me since then. My work is more than a job because I’m serving my community.

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