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My name is Alesha Casayuran. I’m a COVID-19 Contact Tracer for Tracing Health in Washington County, Oregon. Being part of a Tracing Health team makes me feel like I’m part of Ohana, which is family in Hawaiian. I’m able to rely on them. I’m able to talk to them and build relationships. My first phone call and the Tracing Health program was on June 3rd, 2020, and I’ve been having a privilege to be part of the vaccine team.

Not too long ago, I was also involved in being a case investigator where you call individuals who had COVID-19. So fortunately enough, I called a couple. They were sad to get my call. It was bad news.

But a few months after when I got involved in the vaccine team, I was able to call the same couple and they were able to get their vaccine scheduled. And they recognized my voice. They were making jokes saying that, hey, it’s Alesha. Are you going to tell us that we have COVID-19 again? And I was like, no, I’m here to schedule your vaccine.

The work is more than a job because I’m able to help my community and also put an end to this pandemic.

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